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Liquid Granite Finishes

Eco-Friendly & VOC Compliant

Ace Perma-Glaze Liquid Granite

Liquid Granite

A Stone-Like Finish

One of Home Remodeling’s best innovations ever is Perma Glaze’s Liquid Granite! You’ll save hundreds to thousands of dollars when compared to a granite insulation! In a real granite installation there are seams and joints, there are NO seams or joints in a Perma Glaze application! It flows around all the curves seamlessly and typically Perma Glaze completes the work in 3 to 4 Hours Time!! 

Once Liquid Granite is applied, the old cracked, chipped and scratch surface simply disappears. Reglaze and Restore Formica, fiberglass, Corian, cultured marble, ceramic tile, porcelain, metal or  even wood!

Ace Perma-Glaze Liquid Granite